Franklin and Stone zoos staff in New England have begun vaccinating species susceptible to contracting COVID-19, Report informs referring to the website of Zoo New England (a region in the northeast of the US).

“While we have not had any cases of COVID-19 with the animals at Zoo New England’s Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo, this vaccine is an important preventative health measure to protect species that are susceptible to contracting the virus,” said Dr. Chris Bonar, Senior Veterinarian in Zoo New England’s Animal Health Department.

At Zoo New England, the highest risk species, including primates, felids (cats including lions, tigers and snow leopards) and mustelids (ferrets and North American river otters), will receive the vaccine first.

Similar to the vaccine developed for humans, the Zoetis vaccine is administered in two doses, about four weeks apart. It is estimated that it will take three to four months to fully vaccinate all of the at-risk species at Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo.