Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is expected to attend the first day of the European Council summit on June 27 in Brussels, an EU official confirmed to POLITICO, Report informs.

The Ukrainian president’s office has not confirmed Zelenskyy’s travel plans and rarely does so, citing security reasons. Italian news agency Ansa first reported on Zelenskyy’s Brussels trip.

Zelenskyy’s presence in Brussels would be linked to several European initiatives on Ukraine, including the formal start of accession talks, planned to start Tuesday.

“The EU has already approved the negotiating framework for Ukraine, and we expect the actual start of negotiations on June 25 — the Ukrainian Government delegation will be in Brussels for that,” Zelenskyy said Sunday evening, without confirming whether or not he would be part of the delegation.

“It is a truly historic week. Ukraine has been moving towards this for a decade, and this is the personal result of everyone who chose Ukraine on February 24, who fights for our country, who strengthens Ukraine with everything necessary,” he added.