Water resources in Azerbaijan are limited. The surface water resources of the country are 30 billion cubic meters, of which 30% are formed in the republic, and 70% come from neighboring countries, Zaur Mikayilov, chairman of the State Water Resources Agency of Azerbaijan, said at the hearings on “Water management of the country: problems and new challenges” held in the Milli Majlis (parliament), Report informs.

The head of the agency said that due to the climate changes that have occurred in recent years, the surface water resources in the country have decreased sharply and made up only 17 billion cubic meters in 2022: “This is 17% of our multi-year plans. 4.8 billion cubic meters of it was formed internally, and the rest came from neighboring countries. It is required to create new water sources. Improving the supply of wastewater is one of the priority areas of our policy.”