“The reforms carried out in the Azerbaijani Army are successfully continued. Azerbaijani Army is developing, and there are evidences of this development,” Azerbaijani Defense Minister, Colonel-General Zakir Hasanov told at a press conference.

The minister said that modern weapons are being purchased for Azerbaijani Army and the public is informed about it. The Defense Minister stressed that 90 percent of the military equipment demonstrated last year at the parade of the Azerbaijani Army was new and up-to-date.

Hasanov noted that a small part of the Azerbaijani Army ruined the Armenian army in the April Battles of 2016 “Armenians were forced to appeal to the Russians for the ceasefire”.

The Minister noted that the work on improvement of the Azerbaijani Navy is carried out, technical issues are resolved: “Military aircraft on the balance of the Azerbaijani Army are improved and they are capable to carry out combat duties. Heliports have been renewed and equipped with modern weapons. Our helicopters are capable to hit targets from a long distance.”