Rospatent has registered the trademark “Yuri Gagarin”. Its copyright holder is Galina Gagarina, the daughter of the Soviet cosmonaut, Report informs via Gazeta.Ru.

The Yuri Gagarin trademark covers three classes of the International Classification of Goods and Services (ICGS): No. 9 (ticket machines, 3D glasses, 3D scanners, ATMs, video cameras, smartphones, smart watches, smart glasses, tablets and other), No. 25 (clothes, shoes, hats) and No. 41 (organization of a beauty contest, gymnastics and judo training, orchestra services).

The list of registered goods and services under the three ICGS for this trademark covers about a thousand items. In total, four trademarks Yuri Gagarin with different classes of the ICGS were registered in the name of Galina Gagarina.