“The ‘YASHAT’ Foundation covered the tuition fees in the amount of AZN 254,637.99. The tuition fees of 94 people were paid by the Foundation, and fees of other 72 people were covered by the educational institutions at the initiative of the Foundation,” Karabakh veteran Elvin Huseynov, head of the ‘YASHAT’ Foundation said at a press conference on the activities of the YASHAT Foundation.

Huseynov said that for the 2021-2022 academic year, family members of martyrs and military servicemen with disabilities in connection with the protection of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Azerbaijan admitted to the accredited higher education institutions have been allocated a one-time monetary reward in the amount of AZN 2,000 by the Foundation. Up until now, 47 people (29 family members of martyrs and 18 wounded) have been transferred AZN 2,000.