“On November 30, there were to be practice shooting training flights. We flew from Sangachal airport to Garaheybat airfield,” Lieutenant-Colonel Emil Jafarov, who was wounded in the crash of a Mi-17 military helicopter of the State Border Service at the Garaheybat airfield in Khizi District, told Report.

He said the helicopter flew towards the destination: “After maneuvering to land on the helipad, the helicopter crashed. I was sitting in the cock pit. I do not remember the full details of the incident. The accident occurred during the landing. No malfunction or anything else was felt in the helicopter. I opened my eyes in the hospital.”

Jafarov noted that the helicopter did not exceed any restrictions: “The number of helicopter landings is 24 people. I was sitting at the entrance to the passenger cabin. There were no suspicious moments.”

“I have a bruise on my leg and a broken ankle in my left arm,” he said.

SBS Captain Ramin Adilov, who was injured in the accident, said that the helicopter suddenly lost control when landing. “We instantly crashed to the ground. There was no outside interference. The helicopter crashed to the ground all of a sudden. I opened my eyes in the hospital. I have an injury to my face and my left knee is crushed. My condition is now normal.”