A group of international travelers on Saturday arrived in Azerbaijan’s Shusha city.

Thus, the second stop for visitors was the pearl of the Caucasus – the city of Shusha.

The tourists observed the peaceful protest of Azerbaijani NGOs on the Lachin-Khankendi road.

The visitors were told that the rally is being held against the illicit exploitation of the country’s mineral resources in the area of Russian peacekeepers’ temporary deployment for over 50 days already.

The delegation includes influential people represented in the tourist elite of 12 countries such as the US, the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Russia.

During the trip, travelers will also familiarize themselves with acts of Armenian vandalism committed during the occupation period, with reconstruction activities in these areas, as well as with the natural beauty of the Karabakh region.

Earlier this morning, the travelers first visited the Azykh cave in the Khojavand district, which is one of the most important historical monuments of Azerbaijan.