Cooperation between Azerbaijan and the European Wind Energy Association WindEurope opens up new prospects for Europe in green energy, WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson told Report.

Dickson recalled that the agreement signed today between WindEurope and the State Agency of Renewable Energy Sources of Azerbaijan provides for close cooperation in the field of wind energy.

This memorandum will help achieve ambitious wind energy goals of producing three gigawatts of onshore energy and at least seven gigawatts of offshore energy, he said.

According to Dickson, WindEurope will cooperate with Azerbaijan in the production of equipment for wind farms.

“We’ve committed also to work on the development and completion of the green energy corridor across the Caucasus and through the Black Sea, because the plan is that certainly for the offshore wind the electricity will be exported to Europe, most of it, and of course you need a new transmission connection to do that. That is the Black Sea cable and that will need a lot of support from industry as well to help make that happen from the cable manufacturers, the transmission system operators, the manufacturers of transmission equipment and so on. But all this can be done, but we’ve got to mobilize the European industry,” he added.

The WindEurope CEO also emphasized that Azerbaijan, thanks to its significant potential in wind energy, can become a reliable energy partner of Europe.