A devastating forest fire has erupted in the Ezine district of Canakkale province, Türkiye, Report informs via Turkish media.

Firefighters are currently battling the blaze from both the air and ground, working tirelessly to bring the situation under control.

Meanwhile, another forest fire has broken out in the Maden district of Elazig province. Strong winds have caused the fire to spread to surrounding areas, further complicating the firefighting efforts. Teams are actively engaged in firefighting efforts from the air and ground to contain its spread.

In the Usak province, forest fires that began earlier have yet to be fully extinguished. However, after a relentless 40-hour battle, the blazes are now under control. Firefighters continue to work diligently to completely suppress the remaining flames.

As a precautionary measure, residents from three neighborhoods in the affected region have been evacuated to ensure their safety.