WhatsApp has just announced a huge new upgrade with four exciting new features and one will revolutionise photo sharing, Report informs via The Sun.

The upgrade was introduced on December 4 and many features of the app are expected to change for the better.

In the coming weeks users will be able to have voice calls, see missed calls and react to status updates in a new way.

But they will also be able to send photos without having to compress the file – meaning it can be done far more quickly and efficiently.

The official changelog mentions that WhatsApp is releasing a feature to start voice chats without ringing everyone in large groups.

It is also rolling out new bubbles in chat to help users see missed, ongoing, and completed calls, and will give them the ability to react to status updates using their avatar.

But the biggest and perhaps most highly anticipated change is a feature that allows photos and video to be easily sent in their original quality – without reducing the size. To do this, open the chat share sheet, tap “Document”, and “Choose Photo or Video”.

Users are urged not to worry if the updates don’t come through straight away, as some accounts may receive them over the coming weeks, according to the changelog.

To see the new features users should regularly update WhatsApp from the App Store and the TestFlight app.

These aren’t the only changes the popular messaging service made recently.

In October it announced a major account change for iPhone and Android users in its latest update.

The messaging app introduced a number of new features surrounding its voice note application, including the “view once mode”.

This will be supported on both iOS and Android and prevents the recipient from exporting, forwarding, saving, and recording voice notes.