Mark Zuckerberg has announced three new privacy features for WhatsApp that should make your life easier and chats more secure, Report informs referring to Android Police.

First, you can leave group WhatsApp chats without notifying everyone—only group admins will be shown a message. This is a handy addition for large groups where several members can exit the group after a specific event. A log of all contacts who exited the group or were removed from it in the last 60 days will be maintained. Both group admins and members can view this log. As recently spotted on WhatsApp’s beta channel, you can access the log using the See Past Participants option from the Group info tab.

Second, WhatsApp will now let you hide your online status. It is already possible to hide your ‘Last seen’ status from specific contacts. The new privacy feature further builds on that by letting you specify whether contacts who can see your ‘Last seen’ can also view whether you are online or not. The messaging service was first found working on the feature on its beta channel in July.

Lastly, WhatsApp will no longer let anyone take screenshots of view once media messages. Up until now, the recipient could take a screenshot of your view once message, thereby defeating its entire purpose. Going forward, this will no longer be the case as the platform will block screenshots on such messages for privacy reasons.