The Western Azerbaijan Community has urged Canada to refrain from interfering in Baku’s internal affairs.

In a statement published on September 20, the community expressed deep indignation in connection with another anti-Azerbaijani statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada, the Community said in a statement. 

“We deplore the recent anti-Azerbaijani statement made by the Canadian foreign minister Melanie Joly.

Canadian diplomacy, which talks about the principle of “self-determination,” has actually made a mockery of itself. Canada, which hastily joined the European Union mission in Armenia from across the ocean and plans to open an embassy in Armenia in the near future, probably doesn’t realize that Armenia itself hasn’t raised the principle of “self-determination” since the 2020 Patriotic War.

However, if Canada values the principle of “self-determination” so highly, then it might begin with itself and grant independence to its province where the desire for independence is very strong,” the statement says.

We demand that Canada cease making disparaging statements against Azerbaijan and refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of our country. Furthermore, we urge Canada to support the right of the Azerbaijani refugees to return to their homes in Armenia,” the statement reads.