Peace negotiations are the only solution to the Ukraine conflict, the Hungarian leader has said FILE PHOTO: Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban. © Omar Marques / Getty Images

The West will not defeat Russia in the proxy war it has unleashed in Ukraine, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban stated on Monday.

“This is a proxy war,” the Hungarian leader said in a speech at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. According to Orban, “everyone knows” that supplies for Kiev’s war effort are not being provided by Ukraine itself, but “by those who stand behind it.”

Noting that Kiev is fully dependent on its Western allies in the fight against Russia, Orban said it is obvious that the “West will not win this war.”

“There is only one solution: peace negotiations must begin sooner or later,” Orban concluded, expressing hope that a peace deal will be reached “sooner or later” with the participation of the US.

The Hungarian prime minister has said that any hopes of ending the Ukraine-Russia conflict are in the hands of the US, Kiev’s main backer, while claiming that Western countries have missed the opportunity to strike a peace deal on Ukraine.

The later the negotiations, the worse the result for Ukraine – Hungary The later the negotiations, the worse the result for Ukraine – Hungary

“The Europeans have failed to localize the conflict [in Ukraine], which, on the contrary, only expanded, and missed the right moment to quickly arrange a peace agreement, when even the Russians were interested in it,” TASS quoted Orban as saying.

Since the beginning of the conflict, Budapest has called for a ceasefire and peace negotiations between Moscow and Kiev, and has opposed sanctions on Russian energy. Hungary has stood out among NATO members by consistently criticizing Western policies on Ukraine.

Regarding Russian-Hungarian economic cooperation, Orban said the country has no plans to abandon the partnership, adding that Budapest is seeking to deepen mutual ties in areas not affected by Western sanctions. (RT)