Anti-Azerbaijani rhetoric continues in certain circles of the West. This ugly propaganda is beyond all measure. Circles under the influence of the Armenian lobby have not come to terms with the realities created by official Baku in the South Caucasus and have launched an all-out attack against it. The saddest thing is that this attack covers all areas. The local forces who call themselves the opposition have also joined their biased and hypocritical activities. Nonsense has reached such a level that in Azerbaijan, people who describe themselves as the opposition are involved in their biased propaganda as “experts” and “specialists.” It has become clear that this time, various circles of the West are preparing to make a film full of prejudice about the modern history of Azerbaijan.

According to the exclusive information obtained by the investigative team of Report, the international art project “Crime without Punishment” is being prepared by the writer David Grace, who lives and works in Great Britain.

In this project, the crimes committed by the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the Russian Federation against the nations living in the post-Soviet space are planned to be shown on the Netflix video platform. At first glance, there is nothing unusual here. It is an ordinary historical film. However, according to our information, the film is intended to provide negative information about those in power in Azerbaijan during the Soviet period, as well as about the current government.