An elementary school in Washington state has walked back a policy requiring kids to wear face masks “to chew, swallow, or talk” at lunchtime, after some outraged parents complained about the bizarre rule.

Kids returning to Geiger Montessori School in Tacoma, just outside Seattle, this fall were greeted with a bizarre Covid-19 protocol. In an email to parents, the school advised that children would be spaced out in a ventilated cafeteria, and could remove their face masks “only to take a bite or drink.”

After placing food in their mouths, the kids were then asked to raise their masks “to chew, swallow, or talk,” KTTH reported. One parent complaining to KTTH said that the rule was “insane,” and KTTH reached out to the school. The school said that the rule was based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Washington State Department of Health. (RT)