Four-day training started at the Prosthetic-Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center of State Medical-Social Expertise and Rehabilitation Agency to learn world’s best practices in the field of high-tech upper extremity prosthetic devices.

Specialists from the Russian office of the Icelandic company ‘OSSUR’, which is the most advanced technology companies of the world in this field conduct the trainings. 

Chairman of the State Medical-Social Expertise and Rehabilitation Agency Javid Abdul-Gadirov talked about the special care of President Ilham Aliyev for war veterans. 

Chairman of the agency noted that in the last two years and the first quarter of this year, 12 rehabilitation and social service facilities were put into operation after major reconstruction. Modern infrastructure has been created to provide quality rehabilitation services to our veterans, and hundreds of veterans have been provided with socio-psychological and rehabilitation services during the post-war period. Besides, the agency started provision of power wheelchairs for war veterans. 

He highlighted that since December of last year, providing war veterans with modern prosthesis is carried out, and 16 war veterans have already been provided with high-tech prosthesis and the works continue in this direction. 12 war veterans will be provided with prosthetic legs. 

Furthermore, war veterans with amputated upper extremities will be provided with high-tech prosthesis.