“There are certain difficulties in the field of land reclamation and water management in Azerbaijan. As you know, this is since the water system is old,” Rafig Aslanov, deputy chairman of the Azerbaijan Amelioration and Water Management OJSC, told Report.

R.Aslanov said that reservoirs and canals built during the Soviet era had reached the end of their service life:

“Due to this, many losses are incurred in the use of water. The “Action Plan for 2020-2022 to ensure the efficient use of water resources” was approved. So far, the old method of irrigation has been widely used. Gradual implementation of the Action Plan will ensure both economical and efficient use of water. In addition, work has begun on the creation of additional water sources.”

According to him, there is a shortage of water worldwide: “Over the last 10-15 years, there has been a water shortage of up to 15% globally, and it will continue until 2050. Nevertheless, we must try to accumulate water resources in the country, use them efficiently and prevent water loss. At the same time, our economy has been developing dynamically in recent years. That is, new arable lands are involved in circulation. 70-73% of the existing networks are ground channels, and there are losses in water use.

“On the other hand, the method of flood irrigation is used, and it complicates our work. We are working to educate water users so that they use less flood irrigation. Drip irrigation should be used. We can prevent water loss by irrigating with artificial rain. The water balance has been approved in the country, 30-32% water loss is allowed. If we calculate the exact use of water, the water loss will be higher than the above. Let me note that about 10 billion cubic meters of water is taken through land reclamation and water management, 7 billion cubic meters of water is used efficiently, and about 3 billion cubic meters are lost.”

Amelioration and Water Management OJSC has announced its main irrigation forecasts for this summer.