Teachers in the African country believe this will be “memorable” for students © Ruptly

Schools in Nairobi, Kenya have started to apply virtual reality technology to educate children.

A local educational center called Ukwenza VR is behind the initiative to introduce VR in schools in the country. The company focuses on “creating educational Virtual Reality (VR) content to complement classroom learning and offer additional learning on social and environmental issues.”

According to local media outlets, the company provides the opportunity to adopt VR in schools in low-income areas.

“Ukwenza VR is about giving children the power of presence,” said Njeri Ndonga, the co-founder and CEO of Ukwenza VR. “A lot of learning happening right now in the world is very theoretical. Whatever is in their textbooks, they can get to visit that place and experience it and that improves their learning so that they can improve knowledge retention. They can improve their overall ability to remember information but also their interaction with the content.”

VR technology has been welcomed by both students and teachers, the latter of which believe that the experience will be “memorable” for children. (RT)