There is no unified IT system covering the Middle Corridor (Trans-Caspian International Transport Route), and this creates certain difficulties, Victor Aragones, the senior transport economist of the World Bank, said at the regional event on the Middle Corridor held in Georgia, Report informs.

He said that infrastructure issues are important in the development of the Middle Corridor, but there are a number of problems, solutions for which are not related to infrastructure: “In order to overcome the existing obstacles in the Middle Corridor, attention should be paid to operational efficiency. One of the main points is the coordination of the corridor, thus, the Middle Corridor is a more complex corridor than the others. There is a need to improve coordination between many parties. One of the areas that needs improvement is the connection between the transportation of goods by rail to the port and from the port to the ships. We know that in some cases, it is possible to change and modernize the equipment or the work experience of the port. This helps to solve part of the problem.”