Schools and museums, previously closed due to record-breaking half-century floods in Venice, reopen today, Report informs citing the TASS. According to local media, water buses, the vaporetto, which are the primary means of transportation in Venice, resume their movement. Yesterday, the water level in the city reached a mark of 150 cm, after which it began to decline. At the same time, as meteorologists reported, a significant improvement in the situation should not be expected until tomorrow.

Today, the Italian Civil Protection Department announced the last – red – level of weather danger in Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna because of the heavy rains and thunderstorms expected there, which could again provoke a flood of rivers in these areas.

A critical situation has developed in Venice in connection with the record high water level over the past half century, which reached almost 190 cm on November 13. This led to flooding of 80% of the city, including the central square of St. Mark, where the water level exceeded one meter. After the flood, more than 35% of tourists refused to travel to Venice.