Venezuela has condemned a decision by the United States to resume sanctions on its crucial oil industry, accusing Washington of violating a deal brokered by Qatar, Report informs via AFP.

The United States announced the decision to reimpose sanctions on Wednesday, citing Venezuelan government repression of its opponents ahead of a presidential election on July 28.

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Yvan Gil said in a statement that the country rejects Washington’s efforts to “monitor, act as guardian of, control and manipulate the Venezuelan oil industry through its illegal policy of imposing coercive measures.”

President Joe Biden’s administration had suspended some sanctions after Maduro’s government and the opposition agreed in Barbados last October to hold a free and fair vote in 2024 under the watchful eye of international observers.

But the thaw ended when Maduro’s opponents were not allowed to run against him in elections, and the United States said Caracas had now failed to make progress ahead of an April 18 deadline.

Oil companies have been given until May 31 to comply with the sanctions.

Gil said that with this measure, the United States “consummated its policy of violating the commitments made” during secretive talks brokered by Qatar in September.

Little is known about the talks, which resulted in a prisoner swap in which 10 American detainees and 18 Venezuelan political prisoners were exchanged for Alex Saab, a Maduro ally accused of money laundering by Washington.

Venezuela said that Washington had also vowed to end sanctions if a presidential election was held in 2024.