“Ruben Vardanyan left Karabakh, because there is not any possibility for illegally exporting ore from Karabakh deposits, bringing weapons there and illegally moving across the Azerbaijani border for Armenian and other politicians amid the protests of Azerbaijani environmentalists. No one travels to Karabakh from France and the European Parliament,” Russian political scientist Sergey Markov told Vzglyad.az. 

Markov stated that Ruben Vardanyan fled Karabakh because he needs to manage his billions.

“Because of the Karabakh mountains, he can lose a very large amount of money. I think that he will never return to Karabakh. Firstly, Vardanyan will try to earn a lot now, because he has renounced Russian citizenship. He has the opportunity to buy from Western companies those firms that they had in Russia. And it is obvious that Vardanyan’s representatives are now buying up these Russian representative offices of Western companies,” Markov said.

The expert also added that Vardanyan would try to make a career not in Karabakh, but in Armenia, replacing Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

“According to the report published by the international company ‘Gallup’, Vardanyan is the most popular politician in Armenia. In my view, it is not true. Vardanyan probably achieved such results from ‘Gallup’ due to his financial resources, and not his popularity. Vardanyan’s priority will be to replace Pashinyan and spend his billions on earning money from the exit of Western businesses from Russia. I think that he will no longer be able to return to Karabakh,” the expert believes.