Uzbekistan is interested in participating in the process of restoration and improvement in the Azerbaijani territories liberated from the Armenian occupation, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Azerbaijan Bahrom Ashrafkhanov said at the meeting with the Head of the State Committee for Work with Religious Organizations Mubariz Gurbanli.

The ambassador once again congratulated Azerbaijan on the victory in the second Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh War and the establishment of peace in the region.

Reminding that during the war he visited Tartar, Barda, and Ganja cities, the diplomat expressed deep regret over the consequences of the war crimes committed by Armenia in the Azerbaijani territories far beyond the front line.

The ambassador stressed that during his visit to the region he witnessed the acts of vandalism committed by the Armenians in Fuzuli and Aghdam, which is called the “Hiroshima of the Caucasus”.

Ashrafkhanov stressed that the construction work launched in these territories shows that Azerbaijan is confidently moving towards new goals as a winning country.

The ambassador stressed that the Uzbek side is interested in participating in construction and improvement work on the liberated lands.