US have welcomed the decree to pardon more than 400 people in Azerbaijan, said in a statement the US Embassy in Azerbaijan.

“We encourage Azerbaijan to take additional positive steps in the months ahead, consistent with Azerbaijan’s international obligations and commitments to protect the fundamental freedoms of its citizens”, reads the statement.

Under the presidential decree, a total of 431 people were pardoned. Among them, 399 people were freed from the unserved part of their prison sentences.

The punishment of one person sentenced to life imprisonment has been replaced by 25 years in prison and that of two people by 20 years in prison. In addition, one person is exempt from serving delayed sentence. Eleven people have been exempted from conditional sentence.

One person was freed from public works, 12 people were exempted from punishment in the form of a fine.

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Among the pardoned are 14 foreign citizens, including three Georgian citizens, two from Russia and Nigeria each, and one from Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, China, Cameroon, India and Belarus each.