The United States intends to deprive Russia of its right to the Northern Sea Route (NSR) which lies in Arctic waters and within Russia’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

That’s according to media reports, saying Washington believes that the NSR should be open to the entire world community, and not only to Russia.

“The current US political elite has “suddenly” forgotten Article 234 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which guarantees Russia the right to the North Sea (because it is in the inland waters of this country), and which also recognizes Canada’s right to passage northwest of this sea route,”’wrote Pecat magazine’s journalist Zoran Milosevic.

He added that “Americans began to present this fact as a Russian “claim” to something that does not belong to the country and their strategy as “ensuring free navigation in the disputed areas of the sea.”’

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US President Donald Trump said earlier Washington wants to buy the Greenland. According to US Navy spokesman Richard Spencer, “the current task of the US Navy is to increase power in the Arctic to open new strategic military ports in the Bering Sea region and to expand its military presence in Alaska.”

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In May, Washington made it clear to Canada that it “should forget about its right to the northwest Arctic corridor.” It has also demanded from China to close its Arctic research stations in Norway and Iceland and to stop investing in the NSR infrastructure. (RT)