In an interview with RBC-Ukraine, Daniel Cisek, the official representative of the US State Department, provided insights on whether US aid depends on the Ukrainian counteroffensive, the impact of the US presidential campaign, the war in Israel, and the role of the European Union in supporting Ukraine, Report informs.

According to him, regarding the counteroffensive, Ukraine has reclaimed territory and opened sea routes: “This is a significant achievement. Ukrainian forces have acted very bravely. The US government understands that the counteroffensive was difficult, and defense is always more accessible. However, the US government plans to continue supporting Ukraine.”

Cisek said that the counteroffensive should not affect the level or quantity of support for Ukraine by the United States: “The US has the resources to support both Ukraine and Israel simultaneously, and it is crucial to note this. Despite the delay in approving a new aid package for Ukraine, the US, as before, can support Ukraine.