The John Batchelor Show, broadcast on the American CBS audio network, talked about Iran’s attempt to cause riots in the South Caucasus region, Report informs, citing the State Committee for Work with Diaspora.

As reported, Ahmad Obali, a South Azerbaijani living in Chicago, USA, the head of GunAz TV, was a guest on the latest edition of the program.

During the interview, Ahmet Obali immediately corrected the presentation of “Nagorno-Karabakh” as a separate autonomy in the Caucasus region. He said that the region that the presenter called Nagorno-Karabakh is Azerbaijan’s historical and ancient territory. This region is not located on the outskirts of Azerbaijan but inside it – in the internationally recognized territory of the independent state. It was emphasized that before the occupation of Armenia, the population of this region consisted not only of Armenians but also of Azerbaijanis. It was reported that Armenia occupied 20% of the lands of Azerbaijan in the early 1990s with the support of its well-known patrons, including Iran. The independent state of Azerbaijan, which freed its lands from occupation in the fall of 2020, is currently making serious efforts to establish a peace and normalization process in the region.