The Pentagon’s military posture based on post-Cold War dominance will not work against new Russian and Chinese strategies and must be urgently updated, or the US risks losing a war against either power, a new report warns.

America needs a “new way of war,” according to a report authored by Chris Dougherty of the Center for New American Security (CNAS) and published on Wednesday.

“For the first time in decades, it is possible to imagine the United States fighting—and possibly losing—a large-scale war with a great power,” Dougherty warns.

While the US remains stuck in the “implicit and explicit mental framework” for military strategy and operations that emerged during the 1991 Gulf War, he adds, China and Russia have been devising new strategies and weapons to defeat the US in war should that become necessary.

Dougherty argues that Beijing and Moscow have “offset their relative weakness versus the United States by using time and geography to their advantage” and developed weapons and strategies to target US vulnerabilities, to the point they could defeat the US and allies in a regional war.

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“The United States is a status quo power navigating a period of disruptive change,” he writes, and the way of war that emerged after the Cold War “will not work” in the present day and age.

There is no going back to the post–Cold War era of US military dominance.

“It rests on a foundation of strategic and operational assumptions that were the product of an anomalous historical period of unchallenged US military dominance,” Dougherty wrote. “The assumptions from that period are now deeply flawed or wholly invalid and must be updated for an era of great-power competition.” (RT)