After four years of cooking up any possible scandal to oust former President Donald Trump, Democrats are reportedly changing congressional rules to block Republicans from even requesting investigations of the Biden administration.

Since March, House Democrats have been “slipping language” into House rules to essentially strip Republicans of their ability to use a so-called “resolution of inquiry” to formally request information from the executive branch, CNN reported on Wednesday, citing public documents.

A resolution of inquiry is one of the few tools that members of the minority party have to press for investigations when the majority also controls the White House. The relevant House committee must act on such a resolution within 14 days, or it can be brought up on the House floor. The majority can still vote down the request, but the resolution forces members to take a stand publicly on an issue they might prefer to sweep under the rug.

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As CNN pointed out, House Democrats used the same tool repeatedly during the first two years of Trump’s term, when Republicans controlled Congress, to press for probes of issues ranging from the president’s taxes to various Russia-related conspiracy theories. After winning control of the House in the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats twice voted to impeach Trump on charges that failed to pass muster in Senate trials. (RT)