More than 400,000 Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus as the country’s Covid-19 death toll nears 13,000, according to the Metro.

The US suffered its deadliest day in terms of the outbreak on Tuesday as the virus killed at least 1,997 over a 24-hour period.

Nearly half of the US Covid-19 deaths on Tuesday were recorded in the country’s epicenter, New York, which suffered 805 deaths in one day.

The state, which has a population of almost 20 million, now has more confirmed coronavirus cases – 142,384 – than Italy, which has reported 135,586 coronavirus cases and 17,127 deaths despite having a population of over 60 million.

The outbreak has crippled the US economy as businesses across the country remain shuttered and unemployment skyrockets. Even President Donald Trump has not been immune to the financial turmoil caused by the pandemic, which reportedly cost him approximately $1 billion in personal losses.

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