The reports commissioned by the US function as tools for political pressure, the Western Azerbaijan Community said in a statement.

The Community notes that the US Department of State has published the next country reports on human rights.

“First and foremost, it must be emphasized that the annual reports commissioned by the US Congress serve as a tool of political pressure, unrelated to the advancement of human rights. It prompts questioning the moral standing of the US, a nation significantly accountable for global human rights violations, yet actively preparing such reports.

This year, the US has attempted to exert pressure on Azerbaijan through biased and discriminatory reports. Alongside other baseless assertions, the report on Azerbaijan allocates considerable space to slanderous claims, such as the purported “violation of Armenian rights” within our borders. Curiously, the report on Armenia overlooks significant human rights abuses, such as the expulsion of Azerbaijanis, the destruction of their cultural heritage, and the hindrance of their repatriation.

The Western Azerbaijan Community denounces the manipulation of esteemed values like human rights, as well as the discrimination and prejudice against Azerbaijan and Azerbaijanis by the US Department of State for political ends. The community reiterates its call for the US to respect the right of Azerbaijanis expelled from Armenia to return home,” the statement reads.