The American economy is no longer what it was, so European states must step in, the Heritage Foundation’s Kevin Roberts has said FILE PHOTO: US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky shake hands © Beata Zawrzel / NurPhoto via Getty Images

The US should reduce the assistance it’s providing to Ukraine because it cannot maintain its current level of support, the head of a leading conservative think tank has said. European nations need to do more so Kiev can keep fighting Russia, added Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation.

He set out the case for stopping the flow of aid on Tuesday. The Washington-based think tank prides itself on its ties to the presidency of Ronald Reagan, Roberts said during an appearance on Fox News, but much has changed in America since he was in power.

“The US is much weaker economically than it was. It’s impossible for us to prosecute military interventions in multiple places around the world,” he said. Consequently, Reagan’s ‘peace through strength’ principle needs to be adapted to new realities, Roberts argued.

“The US simply cannot afford the level of support that it is giving the Ukrainians. The American people are saying that,” he stated, citing recent opinion polls in the US, which indicated that the US public was turning against the continued bankrolling of Kiev.

Ukraine matters to Biden more than Hawaii – Ron Paul Ukraine matters to Biden more than Hawaii – Ron Paul

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Ukraine matters to Biden more than Hawaii – Ron Paul

Earlier this month, the administration of President Joe Biden requested from an additional $40 billion in funding from Congress, including $13 billion for Ukrainian military assistance and $7.3 billion for Kiev’s other needs. The proposal was tied to the provision of $12 billion for disaster relief in the US.

Roberts said he wanted the Ukrainians to “win” and urged Germany and France to “pull more of their own weight” to achieve that goal. When asked for his definition of a Ukrainian victory, he said he wanted “precious lives that are being lost to stop being lost today.”

The Biden administration has stated that it was up to the Ukrainian government to decide how they should prosecute the war and what their end goal was. Kiev has declared that its only option is to seize all territory that it claims to be under its sovereignty, including Crimea.

Moscow considers the conflict part of a US proxy war against Russia, which, it claims, Washington intends to wage “to the last Ukrainian.” (RT)