EU boss Ursula von der Leyen is in the running to be the new head of NATO, Report informs referring to The Sun.

Her term as EU Commission president does not end until next year.

Yet a diplomatic source says a number of NATO member states have suggested she take over the alliance this October.

The former German Defense Minister will, however, face an uphill battle to win the opaque selection process – with the move likely to outrage Eurosceptics.

Current Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is due to step down later this year after his term was extended due to the war in Ukraine.

There is no formal election, with the 30-strong Western alliance privately choosing a new leader by consensus.

The Americans do not usually put up a candidate as a US General traditionally serves as a Supreme Allied Commander of Europe.

But the White House has a big say in who gets the job.

UK sources have suggested Britain would likely veto Von der Leyen – citing her poor track record in charge of Germany’s Armed Forces.