The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution to extend the trans-border humanitarian aid mechanism for Syria through a single checkpoint on Turkish border for one year, German Permanent Representative to UN Christoph Heusgen, the president of the Council for July, said Saturday, according to TASS.

“Twelve votes for, three countries abstained. The draft resolution was passed by a majority of votes,” he said.

The three abstained countries were Russia, China and the Dominican Republic.

The Saturday vote was the fifth attempt of the Security Council to extend the trans-border operations. The final resolution is extremely brief and rules “to extend Resolution 2139 by 12 months while excluding checkpoints Bab al-Salam (Turkish border), Al Ya’rubiah (Iraqi border) and Al Ramta (Jordanian border).” Therefore, the aid shipment will take place through a single checkpoint on the Turkish border – Bab al-Hawa.