The Mayor of Poltava, well-known public and political figure of Ukraine, Oleksandr Mamai, has met with the Chairman of the newly created youth movement “Ukraine-Azerbaijan,” Azerbaijani national Akper Huseynzade, Eastern Europe bureau of Report informs.

During the meeting, Huseynzade expressed gratitude for the reception and informed Mamai about the new movement that originated in the Poltava region.

He noted that the purpose of the movement is to support the activities of youth in the development of Ukrainian-Azerbaijani relations, to mobilize the activities of youth in Ukraine. The young chairman of the movement also expressed interest in joint campaigns with the Poltava mayor’s office and voiced his proposals in this direction.

Oleksandr Mamai expressed his satisfaction with this movement, noting that this will lead to an intensification of mobility in the public life of the region:

“We are open to any of your proposals in this direction. Together we will do everything that is necessary. This step of the Azerbaijani youth deserves approval, and I am ready to support you,” he added.