“They don’t want any talks, and this was the case before the invasion. President Putin decided so,” Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy told Sky News, Report informs.

Zelenskyy said that Putin doesn’t want negotiations because he doesn’t want peace:

“I am convinced that Ukraine is just the first step for him. I am convinced that he is waging a big war. And having the whole world helping Ukraine now – he is not thinking about that. He is thinking, ‘Well, it’s not working out in Ukraine now, but we will wait… the world won’t stay united, they will get tired and I will move further’.

“But after Ukraine, there will be further steps, there will be other countries if we fail to withstand. I think we will manage, we will get support, and we will win.”

When asked if a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Putin would help to resolve the ongoing conflict, Mr. Zelenskyy said: “It is not interesting for me. Not interesting to meet, not interesting to speak. Why? Because we had a meeting with him in Normandy Format, it was before the full-scale invasion. I saw the man who said one thing and then did another.

Asked about the number of Russian boys being sent to their deaths, Mr. Zelenskyy said: “As a father, I don’t understand how you can let your child go, realising that they are going to die whilst trying to take something that doesn’t belong to them.

“In other words, by letting your child go, you’re already making them a criminal. And this is a crime. This is murder. This is not self defence. This is murder, a deliberate murder. And they will have to be accountable for this. If they become war prisoners, they will have to accept responsibility for their actions, or, in any case, they will face judgment in front of God.