Ukrainian dysfunction has led to an energy crisis in the country, claims the Russian Foreign Ministry By Jonny TickleFILE PHOTO. © AFP

Ukraine’s energy security is not threatened by Russia, despite Kiev’s insistence, but by the complete failure of its own system and the paralysis of the current authorities, the Russian Foreign Ministry has claimed.

Writing on Telegram, on Wednesday, spokeswoman Maria Zakharova claimed that Kiev was shooting itself in the foot when it comes to the energy industry. In particular, she noted the recent statement published by Canadian energy company TIU Canada, which recently announced it would pull out from Ukraine, despite having invested millions of dollars.

In recent years, Ukraine and the US have accused Russia of using energy as a weapon. In particular, it has been claimed that the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was built to threaten Kiev, which currently receives billions of dollars per year from transit fees and relies heavily on this income for its budget. (RT)