The plot by Kiev’s special services was thwarted, with several people taken into custody, according to Russian intelligence

Russia’s security service FSB has said it has foiled a Ukrainian plot targeting Russia’s undersea gas pipeline to Türkiye. Magnetic mines, plastic explosions and other evidence have been seized during the bust, according to the statement.

Several Russian nationals “involved in the preparation and material support of the terrorist attack” have been taken into custody, the FSB said. It said that it discovered communications between the plotters and Ukrainian special services during the operation. Kiev allegedly gave instructions on the exact location in Russia’s Volgograd Region the bomb should be placed to disable the Southern Stream pipeline.

In mid-September, the FSB reported capturing a Ukrainian agent and several accomplices, who allegedly plotted to plant a bomb at a facility through which Russian natural gas is exported to Türkiye. Senior Russian officials later confirmed that the Southern Stream link, which goes under the Black Sea, was the target.