UK security officials were not convinced by China’s Huawei Technologies that the security risks of using its products in Britain can be adequately managed in the long term, a government report said.

The Chinese company could only give “limited assurance” that risks to UK networks could be sufficiently mitigated from a long-term perspective, the report released on Thursday said. It cited “continued problems” with engineering and security practices at Huawei.

A government-led board, which includes officials from Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), signaled that the intelligence agency stressed that it had no confidence in the company’s ability to complete a cybersecurity overhaul.

While the board admitted that it was not aware of any of the vulnerabilities being exploited by nation-state hackers, it said that if cybercriminals have knowledge of these loopholes and the ability to make use of them, it could “affect the operation of a UK network.”

A company spokesman responded to the findings, saying: “The report acknowledges that while our software transformation process is in its infancy, we have made some progress in improving our software engineering capabilities.” (RT)