The conference of ministers of transport of landlocked countries will be held on August 15-16 in Turkmenbashi city, in the resort area of Avaza, Report informs.

The main topic of the forum is “Funding to improve communications.” The upcoming ministerial meeting will be part of the preparations for the Third UN Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries in 2024.

Ministers and delegations will review the critical role of transport in post-COVID-19 recovery, climate change mitigation and adaptation, share the vision, experience of their countries and innovative approaches and solutions to finance transport infrastructure, improve its maintenance, discuss the development of cooperation in the field of transport connectivity to enhance trade potential.

Sustainable transport is the lifeline for the modern economy and underpins economic development. The 32 landlocked developing countries (LLDCs) with a population of 533 million share common challenges due to their geographic location, which affects their economic interaction with the rest of the world. They require reliable transport infrastructure and efficient transit mechanisms to participate in global trade.

LLDC Transport Ministers will attend the conference. Also invited are transit and donor countries, representatives of UN agencies, other international, regional and subregional organizations and financial institutions, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, academia and other stakeholders.