In February this year, Azerbaijan exported most of the products of the non-oil sector to Türkiye ($167.2 million), Report informs referring to the March issue of the Export Review of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communications.

Türkiye is followed by the Russian Federation ($69.6 million) and Georgia ($40.3 million).

In February 2023, the volume of non-oil exports amounted to $366.9 million. This month, the value of exports of food products amounted to $53.4 million, while the value of non-food products stood at $313.5 million.

In January-February 2023, non-oil products were exported to Türkiye for $273.9 million, to Russia for $137.7 million, Georgia for $64.7 million, Kazakhstan for $19.4 million and Switzerland for $19 million.

The value of the total exports of agricultural and agro-industrial products amounted to $124.8 million. During the reporting period, the export of fruits and vegetables amounted to 92.2% of the agricultural products in general. The cost of agricultural products, which holds a significant place in the structure of non-oil and gas exports, increased by 90.8% compared to the corresponding period last year.

In January-February 2023, electricity ($227.2 million) ranked first in the list of exported goods of the non-oil sector. It is followed by virgin polypropylene ($23.6 million) and hazelnuts ($23.3 million).

During the reporting period, the export of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages increased 6.6 times, sugar by 78.5% and tea by 22.7%.