“We ask NATO under Article 5 about who they support: terrorists or NATO member Turkey?” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told reporters at Esenboga Airport before leaving for Azerbaijan.

He also commented on recent negotiations between Bashar al-Assad’s government and the Syrian Democratic Forces established by the PKK / YPG-PYD: “There is a lot of rumors going on right now. There will be no problem with Russia’s positive attitude to the anti-terrorist operation in Kobani. According to our relationship with the United States on the issue of Manbij, the US had to vacate it in 90 days. Not we, but their owners Arabs are going to enter Manbij.”

“We ask them in accordance with the 5th article of NATO: “Do they want to be with terrorists or NATO member Turkey?”. Naturally, they do not answer the question. Turkey is the only Muslim member of NATO.

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Turkish President spoke about a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to him, Boris Johnson asked how they can help.

He touched on the distortion of the anti-terrorist operation in foreign media: “They will falsify, and we will tell the truth. No matter how they deviate from the goal, we will tell the truth. They cannot make us hide the truth. “