France is ruining itself by using Armenia to confuse the Caucasus and pursue a hegemonic policy in the region, the head of the Geopolitical Forecasting Institute of Türkiye, Major General Guray Alper told Report.

The military expert said that France, which has been aiming to gain a say in the Caucasus by using Armenians for years, also aims to strengthen its defense ties with Armenia by selling arms. After the meeting of French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu with his Armenian counterpart, it was announced that an agreement was signed between France and Armenia on the sale of Caesar self-propelled artillery units to Yerevan .

This French-made weapon is for offensive purposes only. By saying “We continue to strengthen our defense relations with Armenia”, Lecornu is actually interested in making money for France by pitting the two neighboring countries against each other.

Recalling that France has had a policy of “changing denominations and making dependent” against Armenians since the 1600s, the expert noted that this country has not given up its attempts to make Armenia its colony:

“France forced the Armenians to change their denomination through renewed capitulations in 1604. At the beginning of the 19th and 20th centuries, it used them for its own imperial interests by inciting rebellions in the regions they inhabited. It was the French government that created an alliance of Armenians under the name ‘Eastern Union’ and later in 1919 ‘Armenian Legion’ for the purpose of using Armenians during and after World War I. Time has shown that France has never abandoned this position. As co-chairman of the former OSCE Minsk Group, it supported regional conflicts, left neutrality aside, and stood by Armenia, which occupied Karabakh. Moreover, in 2020, French senate passed a decision to recognize the illegal separatist entity in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region. This decision includes France’s assistance to the illegal Armenian separatist administration, which massacred the people of Azerbaijan, as well as ignoring the crimes of genocide.”

According to Guray Alper, France’s geography, history, economy, in short, all geopolitical facts, which laid the groundwork for another intervention in the Caucasus region, suggest that this country should strengthen its policy of reconciliation with its surroundings rather than providing Armenia with heavy weapons.

“France’s past is full of massacres, oppressions and dark pages in the history of world colonialism. Now, Paris is facing the protest of the people of New Caledonia in the Pacific. While pressures against France are increasing, including in many African countries, they do not give up their policies of pitting peoples against each other under the disguise of helping to improve the economic situation and implement their own political interests.

Peace and stability in the South Caucasus is very important. In order to ensure peace and security to its people, Armenia needs not weapons, but rather geopolitical activities aimed at peace.