Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Erkan Özoral commented on the repeated municipal elections held in Istanbul on June 23.

The ambassador told Report that the elections were held in accordance with the will of the people. “Elections are over. The Istanbul population was very active in the elections and they voted for their candidates. The results of municipal elections in Istanbul reflected the will of the people of this city. Nearly 84 percent of the urban population took part in the election. I congratulate both the Turkish people and the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of the repeated municipal elections in Istanbul, when the people voted for their candidate and elected a new mayor.”

Notably, the candidate for the Republican People’s Party (AKP), Ekrem Imamoglu, won the municipal elections in Istanbul. Imamoglu has collected more than 54,20% votes. His main opponent, the candidate from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), Binali Yildirim, garnered 44.98 percent of the vote in the election.