Turkish aerospace company Turk Havacilik ve Uzay Sanayii AS (TUSAS) intends to achieve significant financial success and implement many successful projects in 2022-2023, TUSAS Director-General Temel Kotil told Anadolu Agency, Report informs.

He said that the company continues to work on the development of two Hurkus aircraft, which will be delivered to Niger on the basis of an appropriate agreement. The Hurkus aircraft will be delivered to the Turkish Air Force in February-March, while the process of increasing production will continue.

He noted that all helicopters and aircraft that are currently under development will be brought to the stages of mass production and delivery, as well as Atak helicopters and Hurkus aircraft.

Temel Kotil added that Hurkus aircraft, after being handed over to the Turkish Air Force, will be used in the process of basic pilot training and in support of military operations from the air.

“The aircraft can also be equipped with fire systems. That is, it will be multifunctional. After the production of the initial version of the aircraft, we continue to work on the development of various versions,” he emphasized, adding that the possibilities for the production of the Hurkus-C attack aircraft are currently being studied.

Kotil noted that this year it is planned to present a project of a domestic fighter jet, and on March 18, 2023, its ground tests will begin.