Donald Trump, who claims to have established a personal rapport with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, has floated the idea of holding another face-to-face meeting. Pyongyang, however, said talking to the US is not on its agenda.

“I understand they want to meet, and we would certainly do that,” US President Donald Trump told Gray Television’s Greta Van Susteren. He went on to say he would hold a meeting if he thought it was going to be “helpful.”

Asked by Susteren if he believed it would indeed be helpful, Trump said it “probably” would, suggesting his personal relationship with his North Korean counterpart would make a difference.

I have a very good relationship with him, [so it] probably would be [helpful].

Speculation has mounted in recent days that Trump may meet with Kim before the year’s end.

Despite Trump’s claim that the North Koreans want to meet again, however, officials in Pyongyang seem to have been sending different messages, sounding decidedly unenthusiastic about resuming the talks just a day earlier.

“Explicitly speaking once again, we have no intention to sit face to face with [the] US,” said Kwon Jong Gun, who heads the Foreign Ministry’s Department of US Affairs, as reported by the state-run KCNA network.

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The diplomat also predicted that inter-Korean relations “are bound to go further bankrupt as they only talk nonsense, unaware of the time.” The resolute refusal comes weeks after Pyongyang dismantled what it called a “useless” North-South liaison office in the border town of Kaesong and vowed to cut off all communications channels with its capitalist neighbor. (RT)