241,000 foreigners traveled to Azerbaijan in November, up 13.3% from the previous year, Report informs, citing the State Tourism Agency.

According to the Agency, 69,000 visitors traveled from Russia and 68,000 from Georgia.

Tourists from Turkey and the Middle East respectively increased by 3,400 people and 2,000 people to 27,000 and 17,000 people.

In January-November 2019, the number of tourists travelling to Azerbaijan increased by 11.1% or 292,000. Two-thirds of tourists came from Russia.

Most of the tourists among the Central Asian countries came from Turkmenistan (49,000; +91.9%) and Kazakhstan (43,000; 24.5%), among the South Asian countries came from India (59,000; +67.7%) and Pakistan (42,000; +12.2%). The number of Turkish and Iranian tourists respectively soared by 8.3% and 3.7% to 289,000 and 235,000 people.