The year 2018 marked a record for the volume of trade between Mexico and Azerbaijan of $ 26.2 million.

Report informs citing the Embassy that the 2019 figures are expected to exceed the indices of the previous year. During 2017-2018, Mexican exports to Azerbaijan increased by 35.74% and Azerbaijan’s exports to Mexico increased by 12.44% for the same period.

“Currently, Mexican products are present in the Azerbaijani market where 39% are of the drilling pieces for the oil industry, 18% of the drilling pipes, and between 10 and 12% of gas and oil pipes are of Mexican origin.

“Only in 2018 the number of Mexican tourists in Azerbaijan grew by 8.93% and the number of Azerbaijani tourists in Mexico increased by 19.06%. In general, bilateral tourism flows registered an increase of 20% since the opening of this Embassy (2014-2018). Azerbaijani tourists choose Mexico City and Cancun as their main destinations”, the statement says.