US President Joe Biden, during his upcoming conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, intends to touch upon, in addition to Ukraine, issues related to cybersecurity and bilateral relations, White House spokesperson Jen Psaki said at a regular briefing, Report informs referring to the White House website.

“In terms of the focus of the meeting, as was announced when we announced it this weekend, it will – it is an opportunity for the President to underscore, of course, US concerns with Russian military activities on the border with Ukraine, and reaffirm the United States support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. It’s also an opportunity to discuss a range of topics in the US and Russia relationship, including strategic stability, cyber, and regional issues,” she said.

“I think our objective from the beginning of the President’s time in office has not been to escalate the relationship but has been to move to a more stable footing in the relationship,” she noted.